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Experio Enterprise

Experio Enterprise offers the opportunity to work and study in London to motivated and enthusiastic people from overseas.

This is a premium experience where interns work to an agreed project brief, supervised on a day-to-day basis by the client company but with regular involvement from Experio Enterprise staff.

Experio Enterprise works with client companies to identify particular business issues that need resolving, creating a challenging and stimulating learning environment, but one where a tangible outcome is achieved.

Interns fall into two categories depending on whether they require a UK Entry Visa or not.

Those requiring a UK Entry Visa must undertake a study programme alongside the internship. These internships are usually 4 months in duration and take place alongside part-time study.

Those not requiring a UK Entry Visa can undertake the work placement without the study programme. These internships are flexible in duration and depend on the client company requirements.
We offer language tuition and accommodation services through our partner organisations.

London is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with many opportunities to experience its multi-cultural dynamic. Our client companies are usually keen to suggest things to do and we supplement this with our cultural programmes.


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