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International Interns are an excellent way to meet short-term needs. You may have a particular issue facing your business, you might want to make connections overseas, or perhaps you simply want to mentor someone who is at an early stage in their career and keen to learn from you.

Let’s get the main points clarified at the start:

The intern will NOT become an employee of your organisation;

We expect our client companies to provide the intern with a contribution towards travel expenses (normally a monthly travel card ~£210) and living expenses as a minimum (we recommend £10 per day);

This is a project-focused programme – the intern will be working to an agreed brief;

Interns who require a UK Visa will be studying part-time whilst delivering the project. The split will usually be 2 days study and 3 days project work and will not exceed 4 months. EU interns are available for full-time project work.

We make a charge to the intern for providing them with a service.

At a glance:

  • Project based work experience
  • 4 months duration
  • Unpaid: contribution towards expenses
  • Part-time study for Tier4 Visa holders

When you add the cost of accommodation in London to lost earnings and further study, they are making a significant investment in their future. You can be sure that our interns are highly motivated and keen to learn.

We are looking for businesses that can provide a good learning experience, a safe working environment and a project opportunity that will provide real benefit to the organisation. In this way we can be sure that the intern will have something tangible to refer to on their CV alongside opportunities to apply and develop their personal skills.

We are particularly interested in hearing from small and medium sized businesses. In our experience we find that the intern can often have a greater impact. There have also been instances where the intern continues to work with the business when they return to their home country. This can be an excellent way to explore new overseas markets.

If you feel that you want to explore this further, contact us and we will arrange a convenient time to discuss your particular requirements.