Experio Enterprise Interns

We provide work and study abroad opportunities for non-UK residents.

We organise premium, project-based placements with companies based predominantly in London. The placements provide interns with evidence of tangible achievements at the end of the project within a clear framework for personal skills development.

Experio Enterprise staff work with client companies to determine a project brief with specified deliverables. We work with many small and medium sized enterprises and projects will often involve input from senior staff within the organisation.

Interns do not receive a salary for the time they spend working for the client company. We do however ask companies to make a contribution towards travel costs and living costs. This usually takes the form of a travel card and a daily living allowance (we recommend £10 per day but cannot guarantee this (details are listed for each project).

Many of our client companies are keen to mentor young people at an early stage in their careers and to establish international linkages that will continue beyond the end of the project.

Projects will last for approximately 4 months.

At a glance:

  • Project based work experience
  • 4 months duration
  • Unpaid: contribution towards expenses
There is no escaping the fact that London is an expensive place to live. We have partnered with one of the leading accommodation service providers in London to give a range of accommodation options. This enables us to provide the greatest flexibility according to the preferred type of accommodation as well as location. Click here to go to our partner site Britannia Student Services.
It is important that Interns are able to understand and communicate with client companies and tutors, if undertaking a study programme. Consequently they will need a good level of English to be accepted and we require a minimum standard of IELTS 6.0. However, there is always room to improve, and what better time to do it than during a stay in London. We have partnered with a leading London-based language provider to offer a wide variety of learning options, including self-study, online, one-on-one tutoring and classroom-based. It is also possible to tailor tuition to specific commercial sectors or as part of preparation for a formal qualification. Click here to go to our partner site Specialist Language Courses .
There should be time in everyone’s life to experience the local culture. London is a very accessible city with many interesting and diverse facets. We are keen to ensure that everyone makes the most of their time here. On arrival, we provide an initial orientation and advice on what to do and see. From time to time we also organise social events to help ‘get the party started’. Our client companies will often do the same. For those who want a more organised approach, we can arrange a variety of tours.